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We can help you create a web presence that works for your needs without breaking the bank. A solution that you own, not one you lease.

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Choosing a CMS based site can be daunting with decision paralysis in effect.

Deciding on what solution makes sense for your web site can be difficult to say the least. There are several options when it comes to using a CMS (Content Management Solution). Do I use WordPress? What about SquareSpace? Making a decision like this affects the upgradability of your site in the future. Do you own your site or lease it? These are some of the questions that need answered.

Each solution has its pros and cons when it comes to owning or leasing your site. Let Code+Connect explain the benefits of owning your site versus leasing it.

Square Peg, Round Hole

Content Management for All

A one size fits all approach doesn't always work when it comes to web sites. We can help provide a working solution that you can build on for years without the headaches of traditional sites.

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Our Process

Is Simple

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  1. Evaluate Your Current Site

    We'll take a look at your current site to determine what can be optimized, removed to improve the performance and visibility.

  2. Optimize

    We'll do the work to optimize the site by tuning the site for load time on desktop browsers as well as mobile devices. Mobile devices are a critical endpoint for users day in a day out.

  3. If Necessary Start Over

    If it makes sense we will rebuild your site to be optimized from the get-go


With multiple options out there for leasing your web based application its easy to consider using an option like SquareSpace to host your site. A better option is to own your solution.

Owning your application gives you flexibility

  • Typically you can host your own application at a much lower cost. You are free to host with any provider you know.
  • The flexibility of customization is at your fingertips. No reliance on the company and their feature set.